Something for my first post …

January 7, 2006 at 8:21 am 1 comment

Hurray ! I’m a blogger now. I have been hearing about this for a few years and even read quite a few. I have always wanted to write one of my own. But it’s only now i could actually stir my lazy self into creating an id and put down something…

mmm…, now that i got started on it, what do i write about. One interesting thing that happened today is that i went to dentist for a filling for the first time. It may not be quite the first time, i have been dragged by my parents when i child to get those milk teeths out. I always dreaded the experience, espl the dentist’s chair. Infact i have run away from one dentist’s office when his chair looked particularly murderous.

Well, that was long way back, still i don’t deny i had some jitters when i plopped myself on that reclining chair and they moved one mechanical arm with the lights and another with other tools. It felt like a creature is comin down on me to take me apart bit by bit. Aaaahhhhh… It reminded me of the JCB that i saw the previous day uprooting trees in the back of our office building.

Anyways the handsome doctor was reassuring and kind and i put my trust on him and opened my mouth. He cleaned to first with varius devices, i felt some liquid pumped into my mouth and it being pumped out another one held by a nurse. It was a bit irritating and sometimes it hurt a bit. It was the fear of getting more hurt that hurt the most :). After sometime i relaxed, having seen the worst of it. The doc also filled two of my wisdom teeth. Then it was over and i felt releived, but it was not an ordeal as i had feared.

He told me to brush teeth twice a day (yuk..) and also use salt water to wash mouth before goin to bed. Mum was very triumphant to hear all that because these were the things she used to say and i ignored. Sis teased my times are bad 😐 .

All right, think that’s enough for a first post, And i liked the experience, both of writing the blog and cleaning the teeth .. πŸ˜€

cheers πŸ™‚



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Reflections of the cave man …

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  • 1. Kanu  |  January 15, 2007 at 12:10 am

    some tortures are physical, some are mental,
    but the one which is both, is dental.
    – O. Nash.


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