Reflections of the cave man …

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Jan 12th was abh’s B’day. That is one day i do not usually forget. We have celebrated them between us, may be some chocs, may be a gift. I said may be, for i’m kind of apathic to the rituals of the civilisation. I might call her, if I’m away, just might…

But between now and then things had changed. She has joined the college and civilization has got to my usually tomboyish sister. In an year her world got much different. On her B’day her friends started calling her midnight itself to wish her. She said she was expecting a call from me from that time itself. It happened to be a particulrly busy day for me and i forgot about till the evening when she signed in on yahoo. I wished her a happy B’day and she was releived i had not missed it altogether, but was still miffed about it.

In the evening i called her and she said she was expecting a call from me all day and even carried her mobile to college and kept it on too. Some of her closer friends asked her if bro has called which made her feel worse .. ha ha. I was a bit surprised at the turn of events. We laughed over how she overlooked the fact it is her world that has changed, not mine. I’m the same caveman who turned up my nose to the niceties of the civilized world.

May be not quite, I have mellowed over years and is no longer bitterly opposed to them. I might still keep myself out of that world but will occasionally go out of my way to please someone i like. That is what happened next, I went searching for a gift to give her, And i found a small statue of a lil angel with baby like expression reading a holy book with a magnifying glass on her hand. It strike me as the right gift. She liked and said it was the best. I was glad to hear that, mmm… ok.., i’m vain… 😐


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