Munnar Musings – 2

November 25, 2006 at 10:27 am Leave a comment

We went to see the famed Nilagiri Tahr in the hills. They live at the top of the mountains. That was a journey i will cherish for the rest of my days. As we climbed the winding road, we saw the green fields with streams running across where cattle grazed, then it was the forest, then the tea plantations, then the mountain covered in mist.

After a point vehicles are not allowed, there’s a 2 km hike to the top. There were the Nilagiri Tahrs there, They were unconcerned about the visitors and allowed them to come close and pose for photos. Only touching was not allowed. One thing they loved was to climb the highest rock in the area and watch the world. Think i share their passion :-). The best thing i loved happened when the fog descended on the mountains accompanied with the rain, the one that cools but does not wet. I felt dazed with all the beauty around.

The way back is an interesting feeling. The scene around is as beautiful as before. But one looks at it differently, the way up it was with the wonder of a child, the way down it is calm and give a meditative attention to everything around. It is time to relax and let everything that happened to sink in, penetrate to the soul.

And it inspires thoughts, i think of all the beauty. What could be more beautiful, i ask myself. The answer comes, the souls of people are more beautiful. It will be extremely fortunate and highly unlikely we will ever be able to see a soul in all its beauty ever. None can open up to another like that, but there is someone whose soul one could try to see, even a limited success will be gr8 result. That person is yourself. Has it ever occurred to you that you deserve your own love as much as everybody else. Are we not so preoccupied with being what we think of as ourselves, that we do not see the beauty of our own souls…


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The hand that healed Munnar Musings

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