Munnar Musings

November 25, 2006 at 10:29 am Leave a comment

As we began to climb the winding roads, the mountain
began to get me. There was fog and it was raining, a
rain i had never experienced back here, it rains not
in drops, but like threads, it does not get one
drenched suddenly, but very slowly almost in calming
manner, it gets one wet and permeats inside. The
mountain was doin almost the same thing with me.

I had heard of the mountains, loved to watch their
photos. But to experience one from close quarters is
something different. Everything with the mountains is
beautiful; plants are greener, flowers more colorful,
goats have fur. The fog comes and covers everything
and one could see only 10 meters ahead. Sometimes it
is accompanied by the rain i mentioned earlier. All of
them suggests a pristine and almost mysterious beauty.

Is it because it is so near to the sky that everything
is so beautiful ?. A metaphor suggests itself to me.
Are the people closer to God more beautiful in a
similar way ?. They are simple, natural, complete
almost wholesome. When we sit with them, we feel
consoled, silent and calm.

We also went to the forest reserve that had the
Nilagiri Tahr. One of the boards by Forest dept said.
“Do not collect anything from here except nourishment
for the spirit, consolation for the heart and
inspiration for the mind”. These i got from the
mountains in abundance till my cup overflowed. Will i
care for anything else.?


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