Someone at the door

April 21, 2007 at 10:47 am Leave a comment

Oh! it’s you,

Do come in, my esteemed guest.
I have long awaited your arrival,
Since the days they told me,
That you would come as sure as the sun.

When the sneezing turned to fever,
I thought i saw your shadow among shadows.
When i began to get dizzy and the bed felt like whirling,
I thought I heard your soft wings.

A few faces that loved, i remember in a haze,
They would have shooed you away
Like you were a curse in their lives,
But they are not here to bother us now.

I have locked the doors behind us,
And turned off those devices.
I put no stones in your path,
No pills, no medications to turn you away for now.

I only wish to sit with you face on face,
And look in silence into those eyes once dreaded,
In my nightmares they have come, bearing down on my dreams,
A sure defeat grinning at my vain struggles,

It’s your call I know, to take me now,
Or leave now and return another night.
Let your will be done.
Either way, I’m at peace.


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Breathe Murdering a dream

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